Jennifer Lawrence Making Her MCU Debut As Mystique?
Jennifer Lawrence Has Played Mystique In 3 X-Men Films (Pic Credit: Instagram, Movie Still)

Kevin Feige is doing anything he can to make The Marvel Cinematic Universe one of the top movie franchises. In the last year we have seen the craze going from wild to wildest and the fact that the phenomenon has now brought almost the entire Hollywood under its umbrella is quite fascinating. While these castings have been making headlines with some getting confirmed and some ending in the rumour hell, the latest one says Jennifer Lawrence is entering the MCU.

Introducing new characters and the future now, MCU is also set to bring back the OG families including that of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men alumni. While we have met some mutants already and Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman is on his way, what if we tell you Jennifer Lawrence might also join? Yes, you read that right, and not for a new character but for one she has already played.

If you are unaware, when the X-Men were under the Fox banner and they made multiple movies out of the franchise, Jennifer Lawrence successfully played Mystique aka Raven. A character that became one of the most loved in a very short time. But her run was cut short two years ago with no future in sight. Even she herself said she isn’t keen to return at the moment.

But looks like her thoughts of being too old to play a superhero again is about to change, because a viral rumour on Twitter suggests that the actor is all set to enter the MCU to reprise her X-Men part Mystique. There is no confirmation as to in which project she will enter the MCU with but the plan is bigger than we think.

There are also tweets that are speculating that Jennifer Lawrence will play Mystique in Avengers: Secret Wars. Now the fact that Secret Wars is indeed a movie where all the heroes from the Multiverse come together, we cannot deny the possibility. But this certainly cannot be her debut point, she has to be seen somewhere before the final showdown.

Jennifer has played Raven in the three X-Men films The Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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