Jeanne Du Barry Director Says “All The Crew Were Scared” Of Johnny Depp, Reveals She No Longer Talks To Him!
Johnny Depp stars in Maïwenn’s Jeanne du Barry (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Johnny Depp has been in the news for quite a while now. The renowned actor had seen his fair share of trouble because of his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. And as you may remember he was dropped from many major movies following that. While the projects that he had already shot for were getting criticized for casting Johnny. Something similar happened with Maïwenn’s ‘Jeanne du Barry’. But after receiving a good review at Cannes 2023, the film is all ready to release in the US. Ahead of the release, Maïwenn made the shocking revelation that people on set were scared of Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp is returning to screens with Maïwenn’s Jeanne du Barry, a take on the romance between King Louis XV and his lover. A reputed journalist had disclosed that there had been animosity between the director and the actor for several months during the “Jeanne” filming, with Depp and Maïwenn not getting along. According to reports, Depp would either regularly arrive late or not at all to the set. At the time, Montiel stated that the production was “very, very badly” going because “they are just not getting along, and they keep fighting.”

Talking about the same, the director Maïwenn opened up about the chaotic filming process, “I have to be honest. It’s difficult to shoot with him,” Maïwenn said. “All the crew were scared because he has a different kind of humor and we didn’t know if he was going to be on time, or if he was going to be OK to say his lines… I mean, even if he was there on set, on time, the crew were afraid of him.”

During the film’s Cannes premiere and the weeks leading up to its theatrical release, Maïwenn and Depp both promoted it. But the director clarified that she no longer has a relationship with Depp, and is not speaking to him.

Also, so much hype around the movie was happening around the same time as his defamation trial. Depp did admit in an interview, that after the Heard allegations, he was deemed persona non grata in Hollywood, claiming they “threw me in the bin” to explain why he hasn’t worked within the studio system for years.

The movie Jeanne du Barry has been hailed as a bold attempt and fans have been very eager to watch the movie, despite all the criticism surrounding Depp.

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