Jack Nicholson Once Appeared Baked On Stage To Accept An Award Asking Robin Williams To Give His Acceptance Speech
When Jack Nicholson Appeared Baked On Stage To Accept An Award Asking Robin Williams To Give His Acceptance Speech (Pic credit – Getty Images / Jack Nicholson and Robin Williams )

Continuing the legacy of #ThrowbackThursday, we are here with yet another major flashback featuring the three legends of world cinema – Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis. It was the year 2003, and the occasion was Critics’ Choice Awards.

We had Daniel Day-Lewis nominated for Gangs of New York, Jack Nicholson was nominated for About Schmidt, and Robin Williams was nominated for One Hour Photo. Salma Hayek came to present the award, and it was a tie between DDL and Jack Nicholson.

Jack, who self-claimed, was baked and pretty much know that he’s up on the stage to make history. In a surprising turn of events, he called Robin Williams up on stage to give an acceptance speech on his behalf. What happened next is history!

Here’s how it all started:

Jack Nicholson: “Well, I don’t usually get this baked when it’s on television, but I really, this is what’s so great about this because my speech was to say, look, it is on television. Robin, would you come up and give… Would you give the funniest acceptance speech I ever gave?”

Robin Williams: “What Jack is trying to say here is he so happy to be here, he could drop a log. Right now, he wants to thank Jeffrey Katzenberg for the lens.”

Jack Nicholson: “And the seats…”

Robin Williams: “And the seats, and way to go. Hopefully, Shaq kicked his ass tonight, but Jack, say it more because you’re dressed up tonight and wearing the sunglasses inside works even better.”

Check out the video for full conversation:

Robin Williams shared a very warming camaraderie with Jack Nicholson, and they both along with Daniel Day-Lewis are still considered as greatest actors ever to exist.

Stick to this space for more ‘Filmy Dialogues’. We’ll be back on Monday with an inspiring #MondayMotivation.

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