Is Angelina Jolie trying to take away everything from Brad Pitt?
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Their Bitter Divorce Battle (Photo Credit – Angelina Jolie/Brad PittGetty)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie filed for a divorce back in 2016. It’s been 4 years now but the drama seems to be never-ending. The couple is currently indulged in a divorce battle over some of the pending matters that were long-pending. It seems the ‘bitterness’ isn’t ending any time soon. Read on for all the scoop.


Just a few days ago, we saw the entire row turn into a controversy in itself. Angelina claimed that the judge in the matter has been known to Brad and may be biased in the verdict. Last week, Brad was also spotted at the Maleficent actress’ house. Reports stated that the actor was keen on ending the bad blood at the earliest.

Now, a recent report suggests that Angelina Jolie has ulterior motives in this custody battle against Brad Pitt. The actress wants to leave her ex-husband broke. Not just that, she also has intentions to get full custody of the kids.


Sources close to New Idea reveals the same as, “She’s (Angelina Jolie) still gunning for full custody. And if that happens, Brad Pit will be paying her child support, plus alimony. In other words, he’ll be broke with no kids!”

Furthermore, Angelina is only backing the Marvel Studios movie – The Eternals. The actress reportedly states that she may be left with nothing if the movie flops. “If the movie flops, she’s got no hope of it becoming a franchise. She’s doing everything she can to play the ‘struggling single mum’ card to the courts, and has even suggested she’ll have to streamline her staff,” adds the source.

But Brad is up for all the mind games too. The report continues, “This is a common tactic in big-money divorces, whether you hire them in the end or not. It stops the other person from being able to hire them as there’d be a conflict of interest.”

Well, only time will tell where this battle leads Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relation.

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