Did You Know Robert Downey Jr Convinced Gwyneth Paltrow To Take MCU's Offer & Become Pepper Potts To His Iron Man?
‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr Convinced His ‘Pepper Potts’ Gwyneth Paltrow To Take MCU’s Offer(Photo Credit –Instagram/Poster From Iron Man 3)

Who didn’t like the absolute marvellous on-screen couple Iron Man and his Pepper Potts, played by Robert Downey Jr and Gwenyth Paltrow? Gwenyth played the love interest and personal assitant of the lover boy Tony Stark (Robert) in Iron Man movies. However, did you know Gwyneth was having second thoughts before saying yes to Marvel Studios? Well, yes, that’s right. Scroll below to find out how did she come through to be Pepper Potts.

Gwyneth rose to fame after being Pepper Potts in Avenger movies. Over the years, her and Robert’s chemistry in Iron Man’s movies and Avengers franchises till Endgame, were loved by the audience.



As reported in Fandom Wire, Gwenyth Paltrow recently revealed that she was not ready to take MCU’s offer to play Pepper Potts. However, it was Robert Downey Jr who thought she could bring something more to the table and wanted her association in the movies. She shared, “(Robert) was very sweet when he called me, and I think we had both kind of been doing these kind of labor of love art films that had been seen by like 16 people, and he said to me ‘Don’t you wanna be in a movie that people actually see?’” Paltrow recounted. “And I thought ‘I never thought of that!’ So, I’m really, really glad that I did it.”

Since then, Gwenyth’s Pepper Potts and Robert’s Iron Man became an iconic superhero couple in the MCU world. After working in the first Iron Man movie, Gwenyth’s joy knew no bound, and apparently she waited to work on the sequels next.

For the unversed, before becoming MCU’s Pepper Potts, Gwenyth Paltrow was seen in movies like Running with Scissors (2006) and The Good Night (2007) in small roles.

Well, do you think Robert Downey Jr did right by bringing Gwenyth Paltrow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Pepper Potts? Let us know!

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