Jason Momoa Shares His Bathing Habits
Jason Momoa Shares His Stand On The Controversial ‘Anti-Bath’ Debate(Image Credit: Getty)

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has joined the conversation regarding controversial bathing habits. A lot of things go viral on the Internet. The space is so huge and connected that one thing happening on one side of the globe, reaches the other. Recently, an unusual trend of celebrities sharing their bathing habits has gone viral.

The Hollywood couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher began the trend by confessing their bathing habits, along with that of their kids. Their interview went viral, and many other celebrities started to share their opinions on the matter. One of them being Momoa, who made his stand on this topic clear.



While at a press conference for his upcoming film ‘Sweet Girl’, Jason Momoa shared his stance on the personal hygiene discussion. Momoa insisted that while other celebrities might not follow the ritual of bathing daily, he prefers not to. The actor likes to stay squeaky clean. He told the interviewer at the press conference, “I’m Aquaman. I’m in the f–king water. Don’t worry about it. I’m Hawaiian. We got saltwater on me. We good.”

Like Jason Momoa, many other celebrities have also shared their take on the daily hygiene discussion. Dwayne Johnson said that he’s “the opposite of a ‘not washing themselves’ celeb.” He also shared that he showers thrice a day. Kristen Bell and Jake Gyllenhaal have shared their opinions on the weird trend. The stars agree with Kunis and Kutcher’s approach. While Jodie Turner-Smith said on Twitter, “Before you lot even ask: in this house, we bathe.”

Before returning to the screen as Aquaman, Momoa will appear in ‘Sweet Girl’. It will arrive on Netflix later this month. The actor’s success as Aquaman has given a boost to his career. Jason once shared that after he was done with the Game of Thrones, he was left broke.

Now that DC Comics’ Aquaman gained massive success, a sequel to it comes as no surprise. Even though there isn’t much information about the second part, Jason Momoa’s fans can rest assured that their favourite actor likes to stay clean.

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