Hugh Jackman Could Have Been Deported From The US If He Didn't Name-Drop Wolverine
Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine Was Almost Deported From The US(Photo Credit: Still From The Wolverine)

Hugh Jackman reveals name-dropping Wolverine to stop him from being deported. For those who don’t know, when a person uses a famous person’s name to impress others, in this case, to stop Jackman from leaving a country, is what name-dropping means. The actor played the iconic role for years, and as per some rumours, he might reprise the character.


Even though everyone associates the Australian actor as the Old Man Logan now, there was a time when he was rejected to play the Marvel character in the X-Men films. The reason given was that he was tall, which is the opposite in the comics, and the ‘nicest guy ever.’


However, we all know that Hugh Jackman finally did play the role, and now, while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor discussed how he casually name-dropped Wolverine to avoid deportation when he arrived in the United States. “I just broke. It was pathetic. And he goes, ‘Go over there.’ And it was that room — you know, like, the room. That guy literally is like, ‘This is serious! You have no rights in here! We’re probably going to send you back on a plane,'” Hugh said.




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