Hugh Jackman Once Again Takes A Dig At Ryan Reynolds In A New Video
Hugh Jackman Takes A Dig At Ryan Reynolds Once Again In A New Video

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ playful social media rivalry is well known. Their rivalry dates back to the time when the two first met on the set of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which the latter appeared as notoriously criticized character Deadpool.


While the film could not manage to become a blockbuster hit but Reynolds and Jackman’s friendship quickly became iconic. Their hilarious jabs at each other have been making headlines ever since. Their conflict, or what they like to call their war, is all in good fun and Jackman has once again taken a jibe at his pal on Friday morning.


Hugh Jackman shared a video on his Twitter handle featuring himself and Ryan Reynolds advertising his Laughing Man Coffee. The interesting part comes at the end of the clip, where the Wolverine star took a shot at Reynolds, asking for fans to support Laughing Man over Aviation Gin. Hilariously, Reynold’s mother appeared in Jackman’s video to help take a shot at her son. Now that explains where the Deadpool star gets his sense of humour from.

The new commercial is one of the funniest bits where the two actors engaged to this point. Watch the hilarious bit below:

The video begins with Hugh Jackman endorsing his Laughing Man Coffee and explains what it does for the farmers around the world. As seen in the video above, the actor said, “This holiday season, every time you buy Laughing Man Coffee at Sam’s Club, you’ll be helping coffee farming communities around the world. The Laughing Man foundation invests in programs that clear the way to health and growth for coffee farmers and their families. And a special word for those who’d rather buy Aviation Gin, stop enabling this man. He’s not my friend, he’s not your friend, I’m pretty sure he’s nobody’s friend. Isn’t that right, Ryan’s mom?”

Immediately, Ryan Reynold’s mother appears on the screen and simply says, “That’s right, Hugh,” leaving Reynolds absolutely mortified. And when he asks how did that happen, Hugh simply replies, “She’s staying with me”. However, it didn’t stop there.

After Hugh Jackman shared the video on Twitter, Ryan Reynolds left a reply demanding Jackman to let go of his mother. And hours later the Deadpool actor shared a picture with his mother and updated his fans that his mother is at home safe.

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