Hugh Jackman Makes A Shocking Revelation About X Men
X-Men Was 47 Minutes Longer A Week Before Its Release Says Hugh Jackman ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

One cannot deny the fact that playing Wolverine gave Hugh Jackman unfathomable fame and in no time he was a household name across the globe. The actor has already taken off the mantle but that doesn’t mean people will stop asking him questions about his X-Men character that is etched in hearts. The actor over the past couple of weeks, as he is promoting his latest release Reminiscence, has been talking about Logan a lot. And now he has made a shocking revelation.

Hugh Jackman was 32 when he joined the world of Logan with X-Men in 2000. The movie shaped his career going ahead and he played the character for almost 3 decades. But fame came as a bi-product, and his struggle till the release of Wolverine’s launch pad was immense. Talking about the same he has now made a shocking revelation according to which over 47 minutes of his screen time from the Sony flick was cut out. Read on to know everything about this.



Yes, you read that just right. 47 minutes of Hugh Jackman’s screen time deleted from his launch pad as Logan! Talking to Collider, he was asked which is the film that was different when it was shot vs when it was released. He said, ” I’m probably speaking out of school, Steve. But a week before it came out, I think it was 47 minutes longer.”

Hugh Jackman added, “I may be exaggerating or under exaggerating… It was a lot. And maybe the week is an exaggeration, but I certainly… What we shot on, I remember going, ‘What happened to that scene and that character/ what? Wait, whoa.’ That movie from memory is about 100 minutes, I think. It was a lot longer, a lot longer, so that was definitely a big surprise to me.”

In the same interview, he was accompanied by Reminiscence director Lisa Joy who was also surprised by this anecdote. She sarcastically demanded a full cut of X-Men to release. But adding to that, Hugh Jackman spoke about the lesson he learned in the early days of his career.

“…There were battles all the way through for sure. I remember people who I knew in Hollywood, not my agent, not Patrick, and not anyone at the studio, but two or three other people who were in the know, were like, ‘Dude.’ I finished in February and it came out July. They were like, ‘Make sure you got another job. The word on the street is they’re seeing it as a dud. And it’s okay. At the moment, you’re a lead in a movie in Hollywood, right? Don’t tell them it’s a comic book. That means nothing. Just say you’re a lead in the movie, and you’re at least going to get auditions, and then try and book something before it comes out, and they’ll give you one more shot.’ I remember getting that advice, and I’m like, ‘All right, let’s get auditioning,” Hugh Jackman said.

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