Gillian Anderson Ditches Bra and Doesn't Care if Her Breasts Reach Her Belly Button
Gillian Anderson Vows to Never Wear Bra Again After The Lockdown as They Are Too Uncomfortable (Pic Credit: Getty)

British-American actress Gillian Anderson famous for her roles in The X Files, Sex Education, and The Crown recently opened up about ditching the bra and opting to go braless for ever. And her fans agree.

The actress shared this news during an Instagram Live session she hosted. Her fans even took to the comments and shared their happiness on knowing that the two Golden Globe Awards winner also prefers not wearing this piece of clothing.

During an Instagram Live session, where she answered various questions from her 1.8 million followers, Gillian Anderson revealed that she is now too lazy to wear a bra. The actress said, “I don’t wear a bra anymore. I can’t wear a bra. I’m sorry,” when one of her fans asks about her costumes in The Crown. She adds, “I don’t care if my breasts reach my belly button. I’m not wearing a bra, it’s just too f*cking uncomfortable.”

Gillian Anderson shares that wearing a bra during a lockdown becomes useless and was relatable to many of her fans, especially women. These women praised her for her words and action. A lot of them expressed their support in the comment section of the Instagram Live post saved by the actress.

Carola Gonzalez, a makeup artist, commented, “BYE BYE BRAS” while a fan added, “if two-time golden globe and emmy winning actress gillian anderson says no more bras, who are we to disagree”.

Another fan commented, “i never wear a bra and i get a lot of distasteful comments about it, so knowing gillian anderson doesn’t wear a bra anymore is an information most pleasing to me!”

Gillian Anderson also received praises for her roles in different shows. She also landed her sixth Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher on The Crown. Her decision to never wear bras has left her fans to love her more!

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