George Clooney Was To Play Nick Fury But Backed Out
George Clooney Backed Out After Reading A Violent Scene Featuring Nick Fury(Photo Credit–wikimedia/Poster From Captain America: The Winter Soldier )

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has flourished to be one of the leading vehicles in world cinema. Over the course of almost 15 years, they have given us some most iconic characters and actors who played them. One cannot deny that some actors have made the characters they play so synonymous with them that you cannot separate the two. One such is of course Samuel L. Jackson who plays the fan favourite Nick Fury. But did you know even before the MCU was formed, it was George Clooney who almost played the Shield boss?

For the unversed, Nick Fury, who was kind of the ruling power for almost half of phases 1 & 2 in the MCU, is one of the most pivotal characters in Marvel. So when the world was making films and projects based on the Marvel characters before MCU was formed, there was many where several versions of Fury were introduced.

It became in the day when David Hasselhoff played the character in the TV original film Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, is t was decided that Fury will get his own film. In the early 2000s, George Clooney was finalised to play the part and he had even agreed to do it in the initial days. But as things progressed, Clooney felt that if wasn’t made for him and it was Fury’s violence that put him off. Read on.

As per a CBR report, it was Furry by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, and Jimmy Palmiotti that George Clooney checked out and did not like the character. The violence in that comic that went beyond Marvel’s censorship came as shock for George.

The book ‘Marvel: The Untold Story’ by Sean Howe even claims that a scene was the biggest reason Clooney backed out. The said scene had Nick Fury using a man’s intestine to choke him to death. It was at this point George Clooney decided that this part wasn’t for him.

And that is how the project was put on the back burner and never really got made making way for the iconic Samuel L. Jackson to impress the world with his version in the MCU.

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