George Clooney Admits He Tried To Keep Ben Affleck Away From Batman, Says “He Didn’t Listen To Me & Ended Up Doing A Great Job”
George Clooney Admits He Advised Ben Affleck Not To Take Batman, Says “I Was Wrong” (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

When we say Batman, which actors come to mind? Well for me its Ben Affleck (Suicide Squad & Justice League), Christian Bale (Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy) and Robert Pattinson (The Batman). But any REAL Batman fan will remember that even actor George Clooney wore the black cape.

Clooney became the masked superhero in the 1997 film, Batman & Robin. The film failed to impress the audience and is considered one of the worst films till. Owing to the same, George had discouraged Ben on reprising the role when he was offered it.

It’s not speculation! George Clooney himself admitted to doing so during a recent chat with Howard Stern. While speaking, George revealed Ben Affleck called him and asked for advice.

George Clooney said, “I’ve sort of had both rounds. I’ve been a big flop. I’ve bombed in things, and I’ve had big successes. That doesn’t mean they listen. Ben didn’t listen to me and ended up doing a great job, and I was wrong.”

While laughing, Clooney revealed the advice he gave Ben Affleck. He said, “But I can only impart my wisdom from my experience. I just said, ‘Don’t have n*pples on the suit.’”

George Clooney further mentioned, “You gotta remember, at that point, I was just an actor getting an acting job. I wasn’t the guy that could green-light a movie.” Talking about his 1997 superhero film, Batman and Robin, the actor added, “They paid Arnold [Schwarzenegger] $25 million to be in it, they paid me like, $1.”

During the same conversation, George said, “We never even worked together, we never saw each other. It’s a big monster machine and I just sort of jumped in and did what they said.”

We are happy Ben Affleck didn’t take your advice, George Clooney.

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