Game Of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel, “I Had A Man Online For Ages Sending Videos Of Himself Ejac*lating Onto Images Of Me," Check Out
Game Of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel, “I Had A Man Online For Ages Sending Videos Of Himself Ejac*lating Onto Images Of Me,” Read On ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Twitter / Nathalie Emmanuel )

Nathalie Emmanuel who rose to fame with her role as Missandei in Game of Thrones has now come out and spoke about her horrible personal experiences of ‘predatory behaviour from men’ in a series of tweets. Read to know the scoop below.


The 32-year-old shared these powerful tweets after a police officer was arrested for the murder of Sarah Everard.


The Game Of Thrones’ actress revealed her own experience in a series of tweet. Nathalie Emmanuel wrote, “People will say “cat calling or following woman isn’t the same as r*pe and murder”…. but there is something that applies to all these situations…. A man prioritising his own desires/proclivities over the safety, peace, dignity and well being of a woman”.

She continued and wrote, “The predatory behaviour of men is devastating women and it’s something that is learned young. Women can’t keep screaming about it… there has to come a point where men check themselves and other men and boys for their behaviour. We are tired.”

Talking about her personal experience, Nathalie Emmanuel wrote, “When I became an actress I had a man online for ages sending videos of himself ejac*lating onto images of me. It didn’t matter how much I blocked and reported it…. he just started a new profile and continued.”

She continued, “Being followed is a pretty regular occurrence… whether it is on foot or by men in cars… I’ve had to run into shops so I can feel safe and stifle a panic attack.”

The GOT actress added further, “The countless times of having my arse grabbed or a hand up my skirt. When I was like 21, two young teenage boys put their hands up my skirt… it was only when my boyfriend at the time found them and reprimanded them that they stopped finding it funny. I was humiliated.”

Nathalie Emmanuel added, “I was visiting my grandparents in St Lucia when I was 14 an adult man was harassing me and even after my mum intervened and removed me from the situation he continued to hover and follow…. it was only the presence of my Grandad and his farming machete that made him stop.”

She concluded by saying, “I can think of so many incidents of predatory behaviour from men throughout my life…. age 10 or 11… I think that was the first time I was flashed by an adult man.”

This is really horrifying to even think about.

We are sorry that you had to go through all this trauma, Nathalie Emmanuel. But as they say, all these things only make you stronger. We hope these tweets women all across the world and they can talk about their own terrible experiences and seek help from each other.

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