Friends Star Courteney Cox Surprises Fans Visiting The Set By Photobombing Their Photos
Courteney Cox Photobombs Fans Who Visited Friends Set ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Friends Poster )

Friends ended almost twenty years ago, but many still remain loyal to it. And those fans who recently went to the Warner Bros set received a special surprise from Courteney Cox, aka Monica Geller herself. The 90s sitcom is regarded as one of the best tv series to date.

However, it has received its own fair share of criticism over the lack of diversity in the cast. Previously, the co-creator of the show, Marta Kauffman spoke about it. She expressed her regret over it as she thought that it brought in systematic racism. Even Lisa Kudrow, aka Phoebe Buffay, backed her up and said writers wrote what they knew.



While talking about Friends, just recently, Courteney Cox gave a group on tour at the Warner Bros set a surprise by photobombing them. The actress posted a video on her Instagram where she revealed that she photobombed pictures of the fans in front of the iconic fountain featured in the sitcom’s opening credits.

“I am working at Warner Brothers, and I thought this is a good time for me to surprise Friends’ fans and photobomb their shots,” Courteney Cox said. The actress proceeded to hide behind the series’ iconic orange couch, which was placed in front of the water fountain. After the group of fans sat on it, Cox appeared from behind them to photobomb their shots.

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Unsuspected fans got a surprise when they checked their photos and saw Courteney Cox standing behind them. “It’s Monica!” one Friends fan exclaimed. It is a moment they will for sure remember forever.

Meanwhile, while talking about the show, if one remembers, it was Matthew Perry, aka Chandler Bing, who had the last line in the sitcom. Turns out that the actor requested it.

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