Miles Teller Opens Up On Playing A Superhero Again
Miles Teller Joins Tom Cruise In Top Gun: Maverick(Photo Credit–Facebook/Poster From Fantastic Four)

While the superhero culture is no longer just a branch, but one of the biggest contributing sections of the cinema, the buzz around the studios creating fantasy films is higher. Be it the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DCEU or Sony and 20th Century, there is a tug of war to create unique projects. The most recently revived clan of superheroes is that from the Fantastic Four, and John Krasinski is leading them now. But before John wore that suit it was Miles Teller who played Reed Richards. Do you remember?

In case you don’t, 20th Century back Fantastic Four that released in the year 2015 stars Miles as the mentoring figure of the clan. The actor played Reed Richards and was even applauded for the same. But turned out the franchise didn’t go ahead and the makers had to put a full stop. But that hasn’t killed the hope and love for superhero films in Teller.

Miles Teller now joins Tom Cruise in his anticipated project Top Gun: Maverick. Ahead of the release of the movie, the actor joined Koimoi for an exclusive chat and spoke about whether he wants to play another superhero after Fantastic Four and what kind of he yes. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

When asked if he is open to the idea of reprising the superhero in him, Miles Teller said, “Yeah, I don’t know. I think with these characters there is such a history there and the performances that I have seen a lot of actors do, it just seems that it has become more and more complex. And I think they take their audience and their stories very seriously. I mean yeah they are highly entertaining and if the right one came along, I would be open to it.”

Further, when asked if there is a kind of Superhero he wants to play now, Miles Teller said, “No, honestly I don’t really know what I want to until I am with it. I think I remain pretty open minded.”

In the course of the chat Miles also shed light on working with Tom Cruise and the pressure of it. The Top Gun: Maverick actor said, “There’s a lot of pressure. Just knowing that you are going to be a part of a movie that millions and millions of people all around the world are going to watch. It does add some pressure but also it’s exciting. I think when you make movies like these, it doesn’t matter what country you are at or what the language barrier is. It really allows everybody to enjoy it and that’s fun. I have never been a part of a movie of this scale and I think we are all excited for everybody to see it.”

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Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller hits the big screen on May 27.

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