Euphoria Season 3: From Fez & Lexi's Future To Rue's Sobriety, Here Are Five Theories About The Upcoming Season
Euphoria: Here Are The Top Five Theories That Will Probably Come True(Pic Credit: Instagram)

The second season of Euphoria came to a dramatic end this Sunday, leaving the audience quite divided over the final episode. Some fans felt it was just the apt finale with the right amount of drama and emotions while others were of the opinion that it was chaotic, to put it simply. If you haven’t watched the season finale yet, I must warn you that there are some major spoilers ahead that might ruin your viewing experience. Go ahead at your own risk.

In the final episode of season 2, several characters were seen dealing with tricky situations and most of it was because of Lexi’s play. Nate seems to be dealing with his reality as he rats out his father and gets him arrested with solid evidence. Cassie, on the other hand, gets chased around by Maddie, getting her head smacked on the wall and rightly so, after the drama she created on stage. The saddest part of the episode, however, was to see Ashtray get hit by a bullet while Fez is sent into custody over murder charges.

After that high-speed roller coaster ride, we went through a series of predictions and fan theories for Euphoria season 3, and here are the most common and probable ones.

1. The fate of Jules and Nate

Nate seems to be going through a phase of character development. After that humiliating musical expose (btw a chef’s kiss to Ethan), Nate decided to snitch on his father and sent him behind the bars, accusing him of pedophilia. Most viewers believe that Jules and Nate will have a romantic angle in the next Euphoria season since we have witnessed the sparks already. The ‘Rules’ fans are not happy but it looks like we will have to wait and hope for the best.

2. A time leap?

The best part about the Euphoria 2 final episode was undoubtedly Rue’s decision to stay sober. Watching her smile and cheer for her best friend’s performance swayed all our hearts and she made it clear at the end that she remained sober throughout the year. Wait a minute, if that’s the case then the show will witness a jump in time, putting our characters in the senior year of high school in the next season.

3. Laurie’s revenge

We all expected Laurie to appear out of nowhere and drag Rue into her dark world especially after she lost a huge suitcase of drugs. Clearly, nothing of that sort happened. This means, it could have been a setup for a future plot. Some theories also suggest that she was sent to prison after Faye tactfully took her name in a murder case.

4. Maddie leaves the town?

Maddie putting Cassie in her place was probably another great part of the Euphoria finale episode. The whole scene was so chaotic yet totally worth it. But…looks like Maddie has no plans of staying in town as she had mentioned in one of the previous scenes that she will be leaving soon. If that’s true, will we might not get to see more of Maddie and her savage comebacks. Well, let’s hope otherwise.

5. End of Lexi and Fez?

It was painful to watch Fez go through all that trauma and get booked for murder right after. The man was dressed in a tux, all ready to leave when the whole tragedy unfolded. The burning question Euphoria fans have at the moment is undoubtedly about the future of our most-sane couple, Fez and Lexi. Some fans suggest that Fez will be released soon as most of the blame will fall on Ash after his death. If that happens, we might get to see more of this couple.

Tell us about your theories in the comments section!

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