Kit Harington Talks About Game Of Thrones Helping Him Keep Eternals Secrets
Kit Harington Played The Fan Favourite Jon Snow On Game Of Thrones(Photo Credit: Kit Harington/wikimedia;Poster From Game Of Thrones & Eternals)

Every actor that makes his/her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to learn a bit more than just acting. The crash course that the studio makes them do is ‘How To Keep The Secrets Intact’. The studio runs on their mysteries and enjoys the moments when they break them for the audience. The next up is Eternals and while a big reveal has been surprisingly spoiled, there is a lot more to leave you shocked. Kit Harington enters the MCU as their Black Knight and has been learning the superpower of keeping secrets for a long time.

Eternals brings Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, and Kumail Nanjiani to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It tells the story of the celestials and takes us 7000 years back in time. While there is a lot in the movie, Kit now talks about the aspect of keeping secrets. In a new chat, he has revealed that it was his years-long training on Game Of Thrones that has helped him in his debut Marvel flick. Read on to know what he exactly has to say.



As per Screenrant, Kit Harington talking about keeping the MCU secrets with him said that he learned to keep secrets while working on Game Of Thrones. He played Jon Snow, one of the most crucial characters in the show. Harington said, “The thing is, I think I learned along the way with Thrones, you know? Like, Thrones became big as I was in it, so I learned along the way how to keep secrets. Whereas with Marvel, I’m just entering this universe and being told there’s things I can or can’t say, so I’m learning as I go again.”

Meanwhile, Kit Harington has already revealed how Eternals wasn’t the first time the Superhero world called him. But now he reveals how Kevin Feige has approached him a year before Eternals even shaped up. He said, “I had a general meeting with Kevin maybe a year prior to getting the call about this movie, just about their new phase, and that there’s something for me in it at some point.”

Kit Harington added, “And they had me in mind and that was an exciting meeting to take. And then I got a call about this movie from Nate [Moore], the producer, and I met with Chloe and they talked me through what this was about and the role that I’d fit into playing within it. And on that information, I said, “Yeah, I’d love to do that. Thank you.”

Eternals releases on the big screens across on November 5.

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