Eternals Star Angelina Jolie Thought She Was Asked For A Cameo
Angelina Jolie Plays Thena In Eternals (Photo Credit: IMDb)

The excitement for the Eternals, which is set to hit the big screens next month cannot be measured as it is immense. There are too many reasons to be excited for the Marvel saga that brings to us the celestial being for the first time. One of the biggest high points of the movie has to be the cast and on top of that, the fact that Angelina Jolie is making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut finally. Now it is confirmed she has refused several superhero films in the past.

So, now that she has signed one and acted in it, and enjoyed it, we are more excited to see how everything unfolds. For the unversed, Jolie plays Thena in the film that also stars Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, and Kit Harington. The actor plays a celestial who has seen it all and has the superpower to yield weapons from the air.

As per a report now, Angelina never thought she was approached for a full-fledged role with a huge responsibility. But at first, she was under the thought that she was asked to make a cameo and make the movie big with. Read on to know what the producer has to say about the same.

Nate Moore, the producer of Eternals has been talking about the movie at length. Recently in her interview as per We Got This Covered, she revealed how Angelina Jolie first thought it was a cameo. “When we first talked to her, I think she thought, well, I know she thought we wanted her for a very, very small cameo. So she was sort of surprised at the size of the role, and really threw herself into Thena and creating a movement style for Thena and a fighting style for Thena that was unique,” Nate said.

Further, she also emphasized the fact how the action was choreographed and envisioned for Angelina Jolie to make it unique. Nate Moore said, “She’s been through it with Salt and with Tomb Raider and Gone in 60 Seconds, all these movies. So and we sort of collaborated with her and our stunt coordinator to create a movement style that did feel different because she has done so much. She could say, ‘Well, I’ve done this before. What if we tried this other thing?’. And part of that was developing a weapon system that she could train and become sort of fluent in, because she hadn’t done a lot of swordplay and she hadn’t done a lot of staff fighting and things like that.”

Eternals will release on November 5, 2021.

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