Emily Ratajkowski plans to become a screenwriter and novelist
Emily Ratajkowski plans to become a screenwriter and novelist(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Actress Emily Ratajkowski said that her next career move could be as a screenwriter and novelist, after her book ‘My Body’ became a bestseller.

Ratajkowski told Elle magazine about her dreams for the future: “I would love to try my hand at screenwriting. To build out the media company that I founded around the podcast.”

“I definitely would like to write future books. To try my hand at fiction, even if it’s thinly veiled, simply because I feel like the way that I exposed myself in ‘My Body’, I don’t know that I would ever want to do that again,” Emily Ratajkowski said.

Referencing the recent global cyber security fears over TikTok’s links to China, Emily Ratajkowski added about still loving instant digital creations: “People joke with me: ‘Do you work for TikTok? What is wrong with you? Why do you care so much about it?'”

“Obviously there are privacy concerns, but I think that’s true with any social media app. As far as the discourse that happens on TikTok, it’s what Twitter wasn’t able to do but wanted to do.”

“The more unfiltered and off the cuff, the better. It’s exciting for me personally because I can put something that feels kind of glam up, but then I can have one (post) where I’m just talking about something that I was thinking about and that would maybe be a tweet, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“I don’t have to be in one box and provide one type of content.”

Emily Ratajkowski recently said in a subscribers’ question and answer session online one of her biggest turn-ons was men taking an interest in the art, books, films and music she was enjoying – and blasted one ex for not bothering to finish her essay collection, which tackles feminism, sexuality and the modern male/female power dynamic.

Emily said: “I dated a guy for a minute, whose name will not be disclosed, who never made it through my book – through my own damn book. He got halfway, and he was like, ‘It’s really good.’ He kept saying he was a slow reader, but I was also like, ‘Huh, ok – are you just not that interested in me?'”

“And by the way, it’s really weird to have somebody reading your book, like the most personal things about you when you are going out with them. I’ve had a couple of dudes who have asked for recommendations, and I’ve given them, and then don’t actually follow up, so it’s just this empty thing, and I definitely don’t like that.

“But I think in general I appreciate when men are asking me what I’m interested in, and want to listen to the music I like, and want to know what I’m into and thinking about and enjoying because a lot of I feel like what I am – your identity can really be reflected in your taste.”

“And a lot of the time, short stories and essays that I love are core to who I am and I feel like I’ve learned a lot about other people based on their interpretation of writing. I’ve been really impressed and really disappointed when I’ve sent them a bit of writing and then I’m like, ‘Oh, s**t, that’s how you see the world? Damn it.'”

“I want to go and see movies with you and see what you think,” concluded Emily Ratajkowski.

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