Elon Musk Kickstarts Meme War Trolling Ice Cube But Gets A Brutally Savage Reply From Rapper
Elon Musk Kickstarts Meme War Trolling Ice Cube But Gets A Brutally Savage Reply From Rapper ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; Wikimedia )

Elon Musk, who recently changed Twitter’s name to X, is no stranger to sharing memes on his social media platform. The Tesla CEO logged into Twitter to share a meme trolling renowned rapper Ice Cube. All was good until the rapper clapped back which sent the Internet into a frenzy. Elon, first shared a meme image and reverting to the same rapper took a savage dig at Elon in the same format. Scroll down to know what really happened.

Elon Musk recently made headlines after he leaked an intimate picture of his former girlfriend Amber Heard dressed as Mercy from Overwatch. The two reportedly dated around 2017 for a few months and soon walked away in different directions.

Speaking of the latest, Elon Musk on Twitter first shared a meme on Ice Cube with the help of a collage. One image featured the rapper and the other featured a glass of water. Elon captioned the meme as, “Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet?” implying that the rapper has melted. Elon Musk trying to shame the rapper did not go down well with the latter as he soon came back with a savager response. Ice Cube in the same format shared an image of old Twitter logo on the left side and the right image featured a dumpster on fire. Cube captioned the meme image as, “Remember Twitter? This is it now, feel stupid yet?” The internet could not help but praise Ice Cube for his epic comeback as majority of the social media users claimed the rapper easily won this round.

Take a look:

Reacting to the meme war between Elon Musk and Ice Cube, one user stated, “Elon can do a lot but he can’t diss the man who did ‘No Vaseline.’” Another stated, “How many times has this man been ended on his own app?” A person claimed, “He gagged him so bad.”

The next one shared, “Ice Cube won this round!” as another chimed in, “I like how Ice Cube clapped back on Twitter.” One person stated, “Ice Cube got to flaming him for the disrespect.”

Another added, “Bahahahaaa Ice Cube dropping a dumpster fire on Elon like it’s chilled.” Meanwhile, one user asserted, “Ice cube owning Elon Musk on his own app.” One user said, “Elon got his a*s handed to him. Respect Ice Cube.” And, one concluded, “Ice cube is on fire! Sounds weird though.”

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