Tom Hardy Had To Apply Pancake On His Chest To Shoot The Dark Knight Rises
Tom Hardy & Pancake Makeup Tale Of The Dark Knight Rises (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Tom Hardy has carved his niche in Hollywood by delivering some amazing stuff in his two-decade-long career. The Dark Knight Rises is amongst his glorious performances. As the actor turned 44 yesterday, we’ll be taking a look at one stunning fact about his Batman movie.


For the unversed, Hardy played a character of brutal Bane in the film. Right from his look to voice, everything struck a chord with the audience. But more than anything else, it’s his ‘invisible’ tattoos that grabbed a lot of eyeballs.


One who follows Tom Hardy would be aware that the actor has some s*xy tattoos on his chest. And as in The Dark Knight Rises, he had many bare-chested scenes and his tattoos were the biggest hurdle in pulling off those scenes. Even though CGI was used to remove the tattoos, the actor had to apply pancake on his chest during bare-chested scenes.

Meanwhile, recently Tom Hardy hinted at ending his career, as per the report in

The “Venom” actor shared he has “less reason” to work now because he’d rather be around his family.

Hardy said, “I think there’s less reason to work, ultimately, because the life drive is to be with the kids and to be fit and healthy and eat well and stuff. If you’ve got a roof over your head and a bed underneath you and food in the fridge, how much is enough? Because it’s not a dress rehearsal, life, is it? It’s going out live. This is one-time.”

“I’m not so worried to disappear now. When I was a youngster you had to be heard, otherwise, you’d be invisible. Once you’ve established yourself you can stop making that much noise,” The Dark Knight Rises actor continued.

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