'Spider-Man' Tobey Maguire 'Tray Catch' Scene
‘Spider-Man’ Tobey Maguire Took Around 16 Hours To Perform ‘Tray Catch’ Scene ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Tobey Maguire starrer Spider-Man trilogy was a benchmark for future Superhero movies as it received enormous appreciation from the audience. The movie changed the scenario of the VFX scene as Peter Parker looked seamlessly swinging through the city. As the movie had many memorable moments, the tray catch scene was an iconic scene as it was achieved without CGI.

The scene was not computer-generated; it was Tobey Maguire’s amazing skills and director Sam Raimi’s vision. The critical and financial success of the first movie paved the way for its future two instalments, which later were credited for redefining the modern superhero genre. However, can you guess how many retakes the iconic tray catch scene would have taken to film the actual scene? Read on to find out!

The DVD commentary of Spider-Man explains the scene when Peter Parker discovers he no longer needs glasses as he catches Mary Jane, who slips past him. In the scene, Tobey’s Peter Parker is seen casually sitting at the cafeteria without bothering anyone. As his spider senses tingle, he quickly stands up to catch her with one hand and her lunch with the other promoting his “excellent reflexes”. However, that scene was achieved with no CGI, and it took only took 156 takes.

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John Dykstra, the head of the VFX team for the Spider-Man film, shared that there were no special effects involved in Peter catching the food, and it was all Tobey Maguire’s fantastic work and reflexes. The MJ actor Kirsten Dunst also confirmed and added that the production used sticky glue so Tobey’s hand would stick to the tray, and he could catch the items without a problem.

As the scene took around 16 hour-day to shoot, Sony wanted to cut the scene but changed their mind after Raimi insisted on keeping it. To everyone’s surprise, Peter catching MJ’s lunch is still one of the most memorable scenes from the Spider-Man movie.

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