Jackman Used To Work As A Clown Before He Got Into Acting: "We Mainly Did 3 Or 4 Year Old's Parties"
Hugh Jackman Once Worked As A Party Clown Before Becoming An Actor( Photo Credit – Facebook/Twitter )

Hugh Jackman is famously known for his role as Wolverine in several films such as the X-Men series. Other than that, he is also known to be one of the most exceptional actors and is a part of Hollywood’s A-listers. He has made a name for himself and has gained followers across the world. But there was a time when Hugh was not an actor.

Several famous actors have had different jobs in the past. Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland used to work as a pot washer in a pub and said that it was the worst job he ever had. Unlike Tom, Jackman had a job that wasn’t too far away from the entertainment business.



Back in 2015, it was revealed that Hugh Jackman worked as a party clown. As per the reports, went by the name of Coco the Clown, but unlike most clowns, he didn’t know any magic tricks. While speaking to In The News, the actor said, “I was Coco the Clown, and I had no magic tricks. And I remember a 6-year-old standing up at a party saying, ‘Mummy this clown is terrible, he doesn’t know any tricks’—and he was right.”

This another time while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that same year, he said, “We mainly did three or four-year-old’s parties, and once we kind of extended ourselves and went to an eight year’s old party.” “And I was like five minutes into my act, which was very lean on skills, this kid, whose birthday it was…he goes, ‘Mom! this clown is crap!'” Hugh Jackman added.

“And I was like, ‘Shut up, kid!’ And I looked in my bag, and I would sometimes juggle an egg, and I would break it in my hand. And I just got out three eggs, and it broke. And it ended up with the kids having the eggs, throwing them at me,” he continued.

Hugh Jackman added, “And that was working! They loved it. And piling and beating the sh*t out of me. Jumping on top of me. It was pathetic, but they were happy. I was looking at my watch, like ‘10 minutes to go.’ And that was it. Never went back again.”

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