Deadpool: 'Dopinder' Karan Soni Thought He Has Been Offered Daredevil; Ryan Reynolds, You Listening?
Deadpool: ‘Dopinder’ Karan Soni Thought He Has Been Offered Daredevil; Ryan Reynolds, You Listening?(Pic credit – Karan Soni/ Instagram;IMDB )

The very ‘dope’ cab driver of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, Dopinder played by Karan Soni indeed became an essential part of the franchise post the sequel. Just before Deadpool, Karan gave an awe-inspiring performance as Captain Lipinski in Other Space. But, this indeed was a breakthrough performance for him.

Years later, in a recent conversation, Soni has revealed about how he landed the role of Dopinder. He also shares a hilarious anecdote of when he thought he had been offered Daredevil and not Deadpool.



In a conversation with Looper, Karan Soni said, “Initially, it was a funny reaction because a lot of people maybe know about those kinds of movies. It’s very secretive. So you don’t really know what you’re auditioning for.”

On auditioning for his Deadpool role, he said, “But anyway, I just went in. It was very secretive. I didn’t know what it was. I want to say four months later; I just got a call being like, ‘Oh, you’ve been offered to be in four Deadpool movies.’ And I just remember not knowing what Deadpool was. And then when my manager called, I said, ‘You mean Daredevil?’ And he was like, ‘No.’ […] And I was like, ‘I think you mean Daredevil.'” Hilarious, isn’t it?

How was his first reaction on getting the role, you ask? Here’s what he said, “My first reaction [after getting the part was] nothing crazy. Then they sent me the script, and it was the best script I’ve ever read. I just remember being like, ‘Wait, this movie is going to be great,’ I remember when we were filming it, we didn’t have a lot of money comparatively for superhero movies for the first one.”

Dopinder is undoubtedly one of the hilarious characters Hollywood has come up with in recent times, and we all back at home are rooting for Karan Soni. And of course, ‘Deadpool‘ Ryan Reynold too.

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