DC Trivia #29: When A Drunk Driver Thrashed 'Batman' Christian Bale's Batmobile Thinking It's An Alien Spacecraft
DC Trivia #29: When A Drunk Driver Thrashed ‘Batman’ Christian Bale’s Batmobile Thinking It’s An Alien Spacecraft

DC Trivia #29: When we think of Christian Bale’s Batman, we definitely think of two things – Batsuit and Batmobile. Today’s trivia revolves around how once upon a time, a drunkard misunderstood the Batmobile as an alien spacecraft.


Batmobile has been an integral part of Batman’s story over the years. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy showcased the Batmobile in its prettiest form till date. The technology used to amp up its look made this Matte Black monster look very beautiful.


But, back when the Batman team took the Batmobile out on the street to film the scenes, a drunk driver just thrashed into it. In an interview at WonderCon in San Francisco, Christian Bale said, “There was even this guy who crashed into it, this poor drunken guy who didn’t have a license. [He] said he got so panicked when he saw the car that he thought aliens were landing, and he put the pedal to the metal.”

He also added, “There were a couple of times driving down the street in Chicago and when it was like, we can load it on the truck or just drive five minutes down there, and they just drove five minutes down there, and you see that thing just going down the street, and everybody is stopping and looking.”

On the looks of Batmobile, Bale said, “They’ve done such a radically different thing with it. And what I love about it is that, aesthetically, it kicks ***. It looks f–king stunning. … It looks nothing like any Batmobile that has come before it, and it completely has practical applications that are explained, and [are] very smart and make complete sense. And that’s indicative of what we’ve done with everything to do with the movie, including the explanations of the suit, the cowl, all the different gadgets that he comes up with and where he comes to them.”

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