DC Trivia #11: Can You Imagine Superman Yielding Thor's Hammer Roaring "SUPERHEROES ASSEMBLE!" & Batman Bantering With Iron Man? HEAR US OUT!
DC Trivia #11: Can You Imagine Superman Yielding Thor’s Hammer Roaring “SUPERHEROES ASSEMBLE!” & Batman Bantering With Iron Man? HEAR US OUT!

What if we say there was a world where we had Captain America and Superman fighting side by side defeating the same villain? YES! The crossover between DC’s Justice League and Marvel’s Avengers. Sounding like a dream? Hear us out!

There actually has been a crossover in comics where both the team’s Justice League and Avengers have fought with a mutual villain. Imagine Henry Cavill’s Superman yielding for Thor’s Hammer and saying “SUPERHEROES, ASSEMBLE!” While we see a banter between Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. Well, without stepping further into this dreamy world, let’s take a look at the trivia of the day.



Below is the trivia published on ScreenRant about the same:

“Superhero team-ups don’t get any more epic than 2003’s Justice League/Avengers crossover. Since comics started to come into their own during the ’70s, meetings between the two powerhouses were commonplace and usually ridiculous. That’s why it came as no surprise in the early ’80s when a crossover of their best squads was in the works. Ultimately, that project fell through due to editorial disputes. It wasn’t until the new millennium that these plans were realized and the era of crossovers reached its capstone.

The premise brought the two teams together to defeat a time-travelling DC supervillain known as Krona, who transported himself to the Marvel Universe in search of the truth of creation. So monumental was the event DC and Marvel haven’t collaborated on anything since. Or maybe they just don’t want to play together anymore.

Creators Kurt Busiek and George Pérez developed an action-packed four-issue series that saw the two teams fight each other, join forces, play with one another’s toys (think Superman wielding Mjolnir and Captain America’s shield), and amazingly incorporate every version of every member either team had ever known. The run was chock-full of fanservice but at the same time delivered a well-structured plot. Krona and Marvel’s The Grandmaster bet on whose universe is better, with each choosing the other side’s elite superhero team as their champion. In the end, the JLA wins by default, but Krona refuses to accept defeat. This leads to the JLA and Avengers teaming-up to restore everyone’s reality to normal. In the end, everyone, including Krona, somehow comes out a winner– not least the fans.”

Well, isn’t this super interesting? What do you think about such crossover *if* it ever happens in the history of cinema? Will it be as interesting as it may sound or will this be just another gimmick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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