David Tennant's Wife Georgia Tennant BLASTS Mark Zuckerberg: "Sort Your Sh*t Out"
David Tennant’s Wife Georgia Tennant BLASTS Mark Zuckerberg: “Sort Your Sh*t Out”(Pic Credit: GeorgiaTennant/Instagram; MarkZuckerberg/Facebook)

Actor David Tennant’s wife, Georgia Tennant, is one proud mother and her latest blasting post on Mark Zuckerberg is a proof. She slammed mark over the ‘confusing’ policies of Facebook.


Georgia Tennant recently uploaded a picture on Facebook. The picture featured Georgia breastfeeding her daughter. Within a few hours, the picture was removed by Facebook due to the policies violation. And now, the In The Dark actress has put out a loud and clear message for Facebook’s founder.


She took to Instagram and shared the same breastfeeding picture, but this time with a caption which is grabbing the eyeballs. She wrote, “@facebook just removed this photo because it violated their policy on se*ual images. Sort your sh*t out @zuck or I’ll come round there and squirt you in the eye. #breastfeeding #ifyouthinkthisisse*ualitmaybeyouthatistheissue?”

Check out the post below:

Within 7 hours, Georgia Tennant’s post has been liked by around 28,133 users. Also, the fans showed strong support to her in the comment section. One of the users wrote, “it’s not even like you’re showing anything anyway? even then, feeding your kid aint se*ual.” Another user wrote, “i don’t understand facebook. picture is cute.”

One user wrote about confusing censorship policies by quoting, “Are you serious? That’s a beautiful picture. Breastfeeding is a perfectly natural and completely nonsexual act. I really hate America’s stupid and pointless censorship policies.” “I don’t get it. I nursed both my boys for a little over a year each. They are now 21 and 18. Nobody ever said a word to me out in public. Wtf is the problem with people? How is this sexual? Isnt @zuck wife a Dr? She needs to slap you upside the side and tell you to grow the fuck up,” writes melfenner.

What are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with Georgia Tennant’s views?

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