Daniel Radcliffe Once Revealed The Side Effect Of Having An Acting Career & We All Agree With Him
Daniel Radcliffe Once Talked About What It Is Like To Be Famous(Photo Credit: Imdb)

Daniel Radcliffe once revealed the side effect of being an actor. We all know just how famous the actor got after starring as Harry Potter in the eight films. The wizarding world franchise became huge, earning Radcliffe a star title, so much so that people identified him as the wizard for quite some time.

The actor has done several more films, including the most recent one, The Lost City, alongside Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. He has also taken up the role of “Weird Al” Yankovic for an upcoming movie about the singer. However, despite that, Daniel states that there is one side effect to an acting career.

The Harry Potter star once talked about it with Wired. Daniel Radcliffe was asked what it is like to be famous. To this he replied, “I like my job. A side effect of my job is that I’m famous,” he said. “Generally speaking, when you hear people say that they want to be famous, I’m like, anonymity is a really cool thing. Like, it allows you to do a lot and make mistakes and then not feel like all very, very high stakes all the time,” Daniel added.

It’s true when someone becomes as famous as Daniel Radcliffe is, it’s difficult to hide your personal life. Moreover, you have a spotlight on you constantly to highlight every mistake. It’s difficult for many, especially for child actors. Radcliffe previously revealed that he struggled with fame as a kid and that it was his parents who helped him.

He said that his parents “gave me enough perspective on my life and helped me at key moments.” It wasn’t just him to have issues with fame, his Harry Potter co-stars Emma Watson, aka Hermoine Granger, and Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley, shared the same sentiment.

The two opened up about it on HP’s reunion special. Despite all of this, Daniel Radcliffe has flourished and is an excellent actor. Stick to Koimoi for more!

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