Cynthia Nixon Responds To SATC Spinoff, "And Just Like That" Hate
Cynthia Nixon Responds To SATC Spinoff Criticism. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Cynthia Nixon is unperturbed by the criticism surrounding the “Sex and the City” spinoff, “And Just Like That.” During the 90th Annual Drama League Awards on Friday, May 17, the 58-year-old actress shared why she is not dismayed by the hate hurled toward the spinoff.

Cynthia Nixon portrayed Miranda Hobbes in “Sex and The City” for all six seasons before reprising her role for the spinoff “And Just Like That” in 2021. While Sex and The City left an indelible mark in pop culture history, its successor “And Just Like That” has failed to ingratiate itself with the audience, who often highlight the show’s shortcomings compared to its predecessor.

However, Cynthia Nixon told page six that she’s unperturbed by the hate, noting that viewers were just as harsh on the OG series when it premiered in 1998. She said, “I feel like ‘Sex and the City’ is now so enshrined in memory and sentimentality, but people hated us at first.”

Nixon recalled that it took a while for the original series to generate a fan following during the initial days, noting that the cast received tremendous backlash over refusing to conform to the norm. She recalled “They kept saying over and over, ‘These aren’t really women, these are gay men in disguise. Women don’t talk like this. Women don’t talk about sex like this.'”

Nixon highlighted the spinoff show “And Just Like That,” has continued the legacy of pushing boundaries, adding, “I think that’s what’s so great about And Just Like That. We keep pushing the boundaries. We’re not going to do the same old stuff that was once shocking that you’ve now got used to.”

The HBO Max Series “And Just Like That” premiered in 2021 and faced intense backlash for Sara Ramirez’s portrayal of the non-binary character Che Diaz. The reboot also felt the absence of one of the beloved cast members, Kim Cattrall, who refused to film the show after she was allegedly denied equal pay to star in the sequel series.

However, Cattrall, who portrayed Samantha Jones in the series, briefly appeared during the “And Just Like That” season 2 finale. It is unclear if she will return for season 3.

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