Cillian Murphy In Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders Movie ft Cillian Murphy. (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Cillian Murphy left a strong impression with his performace as Thomas Shelby, aka Tommy, in Peaky Blinders show. The British crime period drama started in 2013, and the sixth season was released in 2022. Created by Steven Knight, the show also stars Sam Neill, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Annabelle Wallis, Iddo Golberg and others.

Initially, there were reports that Peaky Blinders Season 6, starring the Oppenheimer actor, was the final one. The news broke many fans’ hearts worldwide. However, director Steven Knight later cleared that the seventh season would be a movie. There were reports that the film would be released in 2024. However, for a long time, there was no update on the movie. Well, Steven Knight has finally given a big update.

Peaky Blinders Movie Update

In a new interview, Steven Knight assured us that the movie was happening and that the team has planned a bigger budget for the Cillian Murphy starrer. “It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen this September. I’m just doing the final polishes, which will continue up until the day before we start shooting. But we’re there. We’ve got everything sorted, we’ve got all the commitments we need, we are ready to go. I think the film is gonna be a step up again, and it’s gonna be great that Peaky fans can meet in one place and watch it. The budget will be bigger, but also, because we know we’re ending this chapter, we’re all going to try to do our best. Cillian [Murphy] is really up for it. So I can’t wait for it to start shooting,” Steven told the NME web portal.

Steven Knight confirmed that it will be the final chapter of Thomas Shelby’s life. In the same interview, Steven was asked if the Peaky Blinders movie would shock or delight the audience. He reacted, “I hope shocked and delighted and horrified and then delighted again and then shocked again!” The show’s creator is quite happy for Cillian, who won an Oscar for Oppenheimer. Steven shared that after winning every award, Murphy would text him that he couldn’t wait to see what he had planned for their upcoming movie.

Meanwhile, considering that the shooting will start around September, it is doubtful that the movie will release in 2024.

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