Christopher Nolan Once Dubbed The Dark Knight Rises As Disaster Since It Was Significantly Different From The Rest In The Trilogy
Christopher Nolan Once Dubbed The Dark Knight Rises As Disaster Since It Was Significantly Different From The Rest In The Trilogy (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Christopher Nolan, who is currently gearing up for the release of Oppenheimer, is also known for his Batman trilogy movies which he completed in 2012. Batman is one of the most loved and most popular fictional characters in pop culture. However, Nolan once dubbed the third part from the Batman trilogy namely The Dark Knight Rises as a disaster. Scroll down to know the details.

Speaking of Christopher Nolan’s current project, Oppenheimer stars Cillian Murphy in the lead along with Hollywood A-listers such as Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, and Florence Pugh.

Circling back to Christopher Nolan’s shocking statement, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, the renowned director, in an interview, once revealed that The Dark Knight Rises was significantly different from the previous two Batman movies. “Batman Begins is very much an origin story, and Gotham is viewed in quite symbolic, quite romantic terms,” said Nolan adding, “With The Dark Knight, we really switched genres. We’re looking at the media, the police, the wealthy, the poor; Gotham takes on that sort of crime epic idea of what a city is.” The award-winning helmer further said, “Then, in Dark Knight Rises, we really move more into the disaster movie.”

The plot for in Dark Knight Rises, for the unversed, was penned by Nolan’s brother and Dark Knight Rises co-writer Jonathan Nolan.

Jonathan, in an interview, once shared, “What I always felt like we needed to do in a third film was, for lack of a better term, go there.”

He added, “All of these films have threatened to turn Gotham inside out and to collapse it on itself. None of them have actually achieved that until this film.”

Christopher Nolan, once also spoke of The Joker saying, “When we reveal the Joker card, that very much felt like the appropriate ending for Batman Begins. It wasn’t really about setting up a sequel. I wanted [the audience] to leave the theater with their minds just spinning, Batman has arrived. That was always the snap of the ending. It wasn’t really until months after the film came out that I said, ‘Ok, now I want to know who the Joker is?’”

The Dark Knight trilogy movies saw Christian Bale playing the role of the Batman which further made him a bankable star and The Joker was played by the late Heath Ledger.

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