Christian Bale Made A Whopping Amount Of Money Through His Role As Batman In The Dark Knight Trilogy
Christian Bale’s Remuneration For His Role As Batman In The Dark Knight Trilogy(Pic Credit: Poster)

Christian Bale is one of the finest actors in Hollywood who has delivered several mind-blowing performances. His most notable work was Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. The three films gave DC fans a new look at the Caped Crusader and Nolan’s iconic direction.

Recently, due to the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, Bale, who plays Gorr, hit the headlines over his discussion on his superhero character. The American Psycho star revealed that he will be up for reprising his role but on one condition, and that is if Nolan is up for it too.

While talking about The Dark Knight Trilogy, besides earning him acclaim, Christian Bale also received a huge remuneration, which increased throughout the three films. The actor made his debut as the superhero in 2005’s Batman Begins. It was made on a budget of $150 million and made more than double that at the global box office.

For this movie, Christian Bale took home $9 million, which would be around $12.3 million today. His salary was increased by a million to $10 million for The Dark Knight, starring Heath Ledger as Joker. The sequel proved to be a massive success and crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office. Due to that, Bale reportedly earned a bonus of a whopping $20 million.

The next and final movie of The Dark Knight Trilogy was 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, with Tom Hardy as Bane. It was another success and soared even higher than the previous one, which already climbed higher than a billion. For this, Christian Bale took home only a cheque of $15 million and no bonus. In total, the Ford v Ferrari star made $54 million from his role as Batman in the entire trilogy.

However, Christian Bale’s salary for the first The Dark Knight Trilogy movie is triple what Robert Pattinson made for his role in the latest iteration of the Caped Crusader ($3 million).

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