Chadwick Boseman Used To Call Black Panther His 'Star Wars'
Checkout how Chadwick Boseman used to call the Black Panther movie as his ‘Star Wars’. Read to find out ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ; A Still From Black Panther )

Chadwick Boseman, majorly known for his role as Black Panther might have left the world but his presence is still evident today. After playing the king of Wakanda in the MCU, he got a major fan following and fans missed him in the sequel movie, Black Panther Wakanda Forever.

As it was difficult for audiences to accept the fact that Boseman will not be seen as Black Panther, it was hard for the makers to make the movie without him. Read out how Marvel Executive told how late actor Chadwick Boseman used to motivate the team.

During a producers’ roundtable by The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Executive Nate Moore talked about the hurdles that the production team faced while filming the movie. The Marvel Executive said he helped director Ryan Coogler to get over the loss and get in the best frame of mind to shoot the film. Moore revealed Chadwick Boseman referenced Star Wars while taking up the MCU movie.

Nate Moore said, “I say this all the time: He knew more than all of us what Wakanda could mean to people if we got it right the first time. And [the first Black Panther] wasn’t the easiest to make, either.” He later adds, “There were times where Chad would come up to Ryan, who would be in the dumps about any given thing.”

He later added, Chadwick used to motivate the team and say, “Hey, man, don’t worry about it. This is our Star Wars.’ Chad was investing so much of his spiritual energy into that film, and to not have him in this film was terrifying.”

Even though the sequel movie was received well at the Box Office, many could not digest the fact that Chadwick Boseman is not seen in the movie. Letitia Wright taking the mantle of Black Panther promises a bright future and the actress also teased that we might see another part of Black Panther in the future.

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