A Private Jet, Golf Course, Restaurant Chain & Thousands Of Shoes – Here’s How Birthday Girl Celine Dion Spends Her Millions
Birthday Girl Celine Dion Has A Lot Of Dollars & Here’s How She Spends It! (Photo Credit: Instagram/Celine Dion)

Do you remember Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On from James Cameron 1997 hit Titanic? The song touched our hearts and made a good number of us have moist eyes too. The singer of Canadian nationality celebrates her birthday today and has turned 53.

The international superstar has a net worth of over $800 million and has spent the same on some amazing investments that are sure to leave your jaws on the floor. The singer, who hails from very humble beginnings, has spent her millions on opening a grill and deli restaurant chain, purchasing a golf course and private jet, among many other things.



So today, as we celebrate her birthday, we bring you some of the most expensive things Celine Dion has spent her money on. Check them out!

Nickel’s Restaurants

Celine Dion owns her own chain of Deli and Grill restaurants named Nickels. This Canadian restaurant chain was started by Dion and four of her close friends. It has locations in Montreal, Gatineau, Joliette, and Laval.

1995 Rolls Royce Corniche

Celine Dion owns a Bill Allen designed 1995 Rolls Royce Corniche in white. This car, which is extremely rare and sought after, is said to be Dion’s pride and joy and is in mint condition. The car comes in both 2 door convertible and 2 door coupe styles. It features a 6.75 Liter V8 engine and 3-speed automatic transmission.

Nowadays, a Rolls Royce Corniche in good condition sells for close to $200,000, and with the state, it is in and is owned by her, we bet its value is much higher.

Bombardier BD-700 Express

Owing to frequent national and internal travels, Celine Dion purchased herself a private plane. A Bombardier Global Business Jet, this plane can seat 10 passengers and can fly 6170 nautical miles at the speed of 564 mph.

Reportedly, the singer paid $42 million for the Bombardier BD-700 Express. The jet features the second-largest cabin seen in a plane, extremely high-class leather seating, and carpeted flooring.

Golf Le Mirage Course

Celine Dion loves golf since a young age and looks like her son is quite passionate about it. Due to this, the My Heart Will Go On singer invested millions for a golf course and now owns the Golf Le Mirage Course in Quebec, Canada, along with her family. As per reports, the singer and her husband invested over $15 million in the property.

The property is absolutely gorgeous and consists of a luxurious clubhouse covering 35,000 square feet, a dining room with full restaurants and a fully equipped Pro Shop. The course is pretty popular in Canada and makes it onto the top 25 golf courses list in the country.

Shoe Collection

Celine Dion is a self-confessed shoe addict. She once said that she owns no less than 10,000 pairs of shoes. Given the celebrity she is, we are sure she doesn’t opt for the cheap or slightly expensive footwear we own. So we know for sure her shoe warehouse will be filled with brands such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and many more.

Even if you assume each pair she owns cost $200, the cost for her entire collection, on average, will be around $2 million.

South Florida Home With Several Amenities

Celine Dion owns a home in Palm Beach County, South Florida, and it’s a dream. Said to be worth more than $20 million, this beautiful Florida mansion has it’s own equipped with a private water park in the backyard. Besides slides and a huge pool, this park even has its own lazy river. Besides this, the property also has a tennis court, golf range, basketball court, a waterfall and a sunken Jacuzzi hot tub.

As per TheRichest, the singer’s home has 13 bedrooms and even access to a beautiful private beach. Her suite in the South Florida home had a huge custom walk-in closet equipped with mechanical racks. It’s without a doubt one of the most luxurious homes in the world.

Montreal Private Island Mansion

Celine Dion’s Montreal home is another most luxurious mansions that we wish we could even visit at least once in our life. The home that’s more of a huge, looming castle is built on a private island that belonged to the Dion family in Montreal.

The majestic home features nine bathrooms, six bedrooms, a dining room that seats 20, and even a wine cellar for Dion’s tastes. The entire property is said to have its own zip code! Reportedly, Celine Dion has sold this property for around $25.5 million.

Happy Birthday, Celine Dion.

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