'Captain Marvel' Brie Larson Confesses Of 'Feeling Ugly' & Reveals How She Tackled It!
‘Captain Marvel’ Brie Larson Opens Up About Her Insecurities Of ‘Feeling Ugly’ For A Long Time

Captain Marvel and Scott Pilgrim vs the World star Brie Larson is now taking down Hollywood beauty standards. She has recently opened up about her her lack of self-esteem and conceded that she didn’t use to be happy with her appearance.


The Academy Award winner and popular Hollywood actress during an interview revealed how idealistic beauty standards affected her in the past. She also spilt some beans about her daily-routine and self-care. Read on to know more.


During an interview with W Magazine, Brie Larson said, “I don’t believe that there is a beauty standard. I struggled with feeling ugly and like an outcast for so much of my life. And so I really, really feel for that. It took me a long time to be able to be totally comfortable with myself.”

However, in spite of her insecurities, she was able to find comfort with herself. Brie Larson said, “The thing that has brought me solace is knowing that I can be whoever I want to be with myself. What breaks my heart is to think of people in the world who don’t feel that they have safety within their own bodies. That, to me, is my ultimate goal in life: to do whatever it is that I can so people have the freedom to express themselves and be exactly who it is that they want to be – whatever that is – knowing that that can also change.”

Brie Larson also spoke about her daily-routine and self-care with the publication. She said that in the evening she start cooking dinner, go into the garden. She has been using frankincense in the house not only for its aroma but for cleansing the air in the house as it has anti-microbial elements in it. The actress also watches movies a movie every night.

Talking about her workout routine, she said, “Sometimes I’ll do some breathing exercises, or I’ll meditate if I’ve had a particularly stressful day. For me, it’s about what can I do that is transitional out of work into decompressing time because when you’re at home all day I feel it’s very easy to let everything stick and hang on to you. It’s about knowing what’s the routine and what’s the ritual to get out of that.”

Recently, Brie Larson had started a YouTube channel in order to connect with her fans and play Animal Crossing. She also talked about the many film roles she went for.

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