Captain America: New World Order Might Bring Hugh Jackman's Wolverine
How Captain America: New World Order Can Bring Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine In The MCU? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still ; Captain America: New World Order Poster )

Wolverine has been one of the most anticipated characters to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Hugh Jackman announced that he will be returning once again as the iconic Marvel mutant, nerds and theorists are digging into how he will make his way in the MCU. With many mutants and new characters from the X-Men franchise being introduced in the multiverse saga, a new theory hints that Wolverine might join the forces via the storyline of the upcoming Captain America: New World Order.

While fans are eagerly waiting for the introduction of the MCU’s take on the X-Men, there has been no update on the cast of the movie. Along with the acquisition of Fox Studios and X-Men characters, Marvel can finally show more mutants in their universe. Read on to find out more about the introduction of Wolverine.



According to a rumour by Daniel Richtman, Sam Wilson’s upcoming ‘Captain America: New World Order’ will be focused on Wolverine’s integral element. The storyline and plot of the Captain America 4 will be about “an international conflict over a new metal called Adamantium.” Does that ring any bell? Adamantium? Well, this is the same element that coats Wolverine’s bones and iconic claws in the comics as well as the movies.

The metal will be discovered on Tiamut Island at the calcified Celestial, which was seen in the final act of 2021’s Eternals hinting it might also connect the dots with Eternals. The Tiamut Island might be a key to the plot of the upcoming Captain America film where “every country [wanting] a piece of that new metal.”

With Marvel Studios getting the rights to X-Men, Mutants and Adamantium, which were tied up at Fox Studios, the fans are excited to see what MCU will bring out of them. As the Captain America 4 movie will be mostly based on ‘adamantium’, and the movie is scheduled to release before Deadpool 3, there are high chances we might get to see a glimpse of Hugh Jackman’s wolverine and its introduction in the MCU.

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