Cameron Diaz Once Lifted Her Arms Asking Her Assistant To Shave Her Armpit Hair In Front Of 200 Extras...
Cameron Diaz Once Lifted Her Arms Asking Her Assistant To Shave Her Armpit Hair In Front Of 200 Extras… ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Every celebrity around the world has some kind of dirt to their name, the ones who get exposed out in the open and face trolling on social media. One such incident happened with Charlie’s Angels fame Cameron Diaz; nope, we aren’t talking about her alleged involvement in Jeffery Epstein‘s controversy to which she said, “I’ve never met him.” This is an incident that involved her armpit hair & it’s a nasty one.

Back in the day, Cameron Diaz was called as one of the most beautiful actresses to have ever worked in the films. She went on to win many awards, and her movie Charlie’s Angels was a bumper hit at the box office.

The year was 2001, the year right after Charlie’s Angels release, when she was shooting for Roger Kumble’ The Sweetest Thing. A news article published on (via WENN) was published regarding how Cameron has become a demanding actress beyond limits, giving her the label of a ‘spoiled star.’

Cameron Diaz allegedly crossed the limits when she asked her assistant to shave her underarm hair. A reported source said, “She noticed between takes that she had some underarm stubble. Instead of going back to her trailer to shave it herself, she lifted her arms high in the air and made her assistant do the demanding task right there in front of 200 extras.”

The same article also stated how she deliberately messed up an easy line only because she hated the scene. She took 20 retakes only to mess it up for the 21st time.

Forget the armpit hair; she even asked her assistant to remove her shoes between the scenes. Because she had to wear uncomfortable spiked boots, she “wouldn’t even take off her own boots between takes – she had the personal assistant do it for her.”

We’re sure, 22 years later, still, many other celebrities would be doing the same to their assistants. It’s just their dirt might not be as dirty as Cameron Diaz’s.

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