Find Out Which BTS Member Found It Difficult To Sing Dynamite
This BTS Member Found It Difficult To Sing Dynamite, Here’s Why ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

BTS has become quite popular amongst the youth, and their music is liked by many across the globe. Although all their songs are great but one particular song has grabbed all the attention. Dynamite went on to top several global music charts and can arguably be declared as the band’s most popular song on the global stage. But you will be shocked to know that one of the band members found it extremely difficult to sing that song.


Everything about Dynamite, from its beats to the lyrics to the video and, of course, the outfits and style of the band members, instantly clicked with the fans. But we know that you all are curious to know that who was that band member who found it difficult to sing this amazing song? Read on to more about this scoop.


According to reports in Rolling Stone, the BTS member who found it difficult to sing Dynamite made certain changes. The band member was non-other than Jungkook, who had confessed that he had a tough time singing the English version of the song as he faced an uphill task getting the hang of the lyrics.

BTS’ Jungkook revealed that he had initially thought that he easily got the hang of Dynamite’s English lyrics, and it seemed to him that he was pronouncing the words pretty well. However, during the recording sessions and after further practice, he realized that his pronunciation was actually quite off and needed to work on it.

Jungkook realized that his tongue wasn’t loose enough to properly pronounce the English lyrics. He practised hard, and only after that he became much familiar with the words, and his pronunciation ended up sounding more natural.

Now, this incident is enough for all the fans to realize how much hard work goes behind recording one song. And it clearly justifies the success BTS has achieved.

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