BTS’ Suga & Halsey Accused Of Promoting ‘Satanism’ Via Their New Single’ Lilith’
BTS’ Suga & Halsey Accused Of Promoting ‘Satanism’ Via Their New Single’ Lilith’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

BTS’ Suga has been making headlines ever since he unveiled his album D Day earlier this year. The dark theme of the tracks unleashed Suga’ creativity and how he can go out and about when it comes to making music. However, the K-Pop star’s latest collaborations with Halsey is not being well received by his fans who are claiming the track promotes Satanism.

Suga began his musical journey alongside his bandmates RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Jungkook in 2013. The band is set to celebrate their 10th anniversary soon.



While the band is reaching new heights every day, its members are also focusing on their individual careers and collaborating with award-winning musicians. Suga recently joined hands with Halsey for the track Lilith, which the American singer had previously released. As the track’s name Lilith is actually derived from a demonic figure in Jewish folklore, fans are concerned that it is problematic. Lilith was the first wife of Adam and was banished from the Garden of Eden after disobeying him.

As per Koreaboo, the new version of Lilith is the official anthem of the game Diablo IV, which is about the fight between good and evil. In the track, Halsey represents Lilith, while Suga plays Inarius, an Archangel from the High Heavens. Suga sings to Halsey “Step out of the moment. That’s been trappin’ you in all this negativity of hatred and insanity. Don’t dwell on the past; it’s time to make a change. Look around; believe in what you see, I have returned to hell.”

Reacting to the track, one concerned netizen wrote, “It’s advertising Satanism which as a Christian is against my religion so it upsets me yk,” while another penned, “I’m usually more open minded when it comes to religion but this was something else.”

“Sadly we should be careful of what we listen to,” wrote a third one.

An ARMY wrote, “We all need to pray for you Yoongi.”

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