Jimin Shares’ Christmas Love’ With BTS Army, Says “Did You Get A Good Christmas Present?”
BTS’ Jimin Has An Early Christmas Gift For His Fans, Releases’ Christmas Love’

Christmas is tomorrow, but the gifts have already started pouring in! BTS’ Jimin has released a beautiful Holiday song that is sure to increase your Christmas cheer. The song released just a couple of hours ago has already garnered millions of views and is trending everywhere.


The singer took to the band’s official Twitter handle and shared the happy news. He also penned a beautiful note for the BTS Army while sharing the lyrics of the song. Check it out below.

Taking to Twitter, the Korean boy band’s official handle shared Jimin’s ‘Christmas Love.’ They tweeted, “Your gift has arrived” (As translated by Google Translator)


The post has received over 161K comments, 387K retweets and over double likes. At the time of writing this, the hearts on this tweet were 841K. Since its release, the song has clocked in close to 2.5million views on Youtube. Check out the song here:

Sharing the lyrics of ‘Christmas Love’ on the BTS blog, Jimin wrote, “Oh I been waitin’ for this Christmas Day, my heart is already on this white street, Last night, snow fell in my dreams. You waited all day in the blanket… Christmas I love you, Oh you’re the one, I hope it will be today forever, Christmas love, Christmas love Stay in my heart for a long time”. (The lyrics were shared on the BTS blog and have been translated via Google translator)

The BTS Army has gone bonkers over the songs. Many took to social media and expressed their happiness. One user wrote, “crazy how i randomly woke up when you posted this. the song is wonderful !! you’re so thoughtful and i wish you the happiest christmas possible. love you” Another tweeted, “Jiminii you’re so talented and caring, thank your for making this refreshing n lovely song for this holiday” A third wrote, “He’s really the sweetest and has admirable heartSmiling face with heart”

If this song wasn’t gift enough, BTS’ Jimin also wrote a letter for all his fans out there on the blog. He wrote, “Hello everyone, this is Jimin. Did you get a good Christmas present? I really wanted to hear from you, but fortunately, I am very, very happy to be able to do so. The reason I came here today is why I suddenly heard this bright song in this difficult situation, I came here because I wanted to tell you a little about the reason. As you can see from the contents of the song This song is a scene where my favourite snow falls out of my childhood memories. I sing with my feelings when I first saw them.”

Merry Christmas in advance guys and enjoy it with some ‘Christmas Love’

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