Bruce Willis Said He Would Have Loved To Kiss Jennifer Aniston But Could Not
Bruce Willis Refused To Kiss Friends Star Jennifer Anniston Because Of His Friendship With Brad Pitt ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; Flickr )

Friends Star Jennifer Aniston is one of the main characters of the popular sitcom. Her acting skills and beauty made people fall in love whenever she was on the screen. However, one of her admirers was her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Interestingly, during the series as her character Rachel Green went on to date many characters, Bruce Willis, a friend of Brad Pitt, was once hesitant to kiss because of his friendship.

Being universally recognised as a pin-up girl, the actress was countless people’s crush. During the tenure of the Friends sitcom, she dated a number of men and many celebrities from Hollywood also appeared. Read on to find out what happened between Bruce and Jennifer while filming a kissing scene.



Bruce Willis appeared in season six as the father of Elizabeth who was the love interest of Ross Geller. As reported by Marca, Bruce Willis did not kiss the Friends star Jennifer Aniston as he was a good friend of her ex-husband Brad Pitt. The actor played the role of Paul, who is one of Rachel Green’s love interests. Many fans always find it strange that Paul and Rachel never shared a real on-screen kiss, but now there is a reason for that being reported.

“I would have loved to kiss her, but Brad was my friend and Jennifer was his wife. It didn’t seem appropriate to me, but she’s a hottie,” said Bruce Willis, as reported by Marca.

The report also adds that Bruce Willis claimed that Brad Pitt was still romantically involved with Jennifer Anniston when Bruce was shooting Friends. Well, that definitely gave a #BROMANCE goal for the internet. Bruce explained that he felt it was not right to kiss his friend’s wife.

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