Britney Spears 'not ready' to sit for TV interview for heartbreaking reason
Britney Spears ‘not ready’ to sit for TV interview for heartbreaking reason (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Pop icon Britney Spears was offered several big money opportunities to talk about her staggering life, including an offer from Oprah Winfrey, to promote her memoir ‘The Woman In Me’.

US TV networks and even streamers all tabled huge bids to get time with the pop superstar either for specials or one off in depth profile shows surrounding her upcoming memoir, reports ‘’. Publishers Simon & Schuster were keen to see Spears make media appearances to promote the release, which cost them over $ 14 million.

But Britney Spears “is just not up to that kind of interaction with a professional interviewer or journalist” a Los Angeles business associate exclusively told ‘’. A business associate of Spears claimed: “Britney is just not in the right space to sit down for a full scale interview to address many areas of her memoir. Firstly she doesn’t like to be face to face with a TV camera anymore dealing with questions. On top of that the questions will be about the revelations in her book.”

“In theory she signed off on the content being released next month. Doing the book with her ghost writer was terrifically tough and left her feeling traumatised and needing therapy. Just how much Britney Spears is able to go into aspects of those darker moments on camera could be problematic. There is a real concern that she is not able to deal with more trauma on camera with a stranger. The last thing anyone needs is Britney having a meltdown and suffering from this kind of interview.”

Insiders say “significant financial sums” have been tabled to the star and publishers to have Spears speak on camera about her life journey.

The source says that media executives feel Britney Spears’ comments and on-camera stories would have promised to be one of the “biggest scoops of the century” given her rollercoaster life and career.

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