Billie Eilish Was Terrified Of Eminem
Billie Eilish Back In 2019 Revealed Being Terrified Of Eminem(Pic Credit: Facebook)

Trust Billie Eilish to make the boldest comments quite effortlessly. The singer who recently took home her first Oscar home, is known for never mincing her words. The actor back in 2019 stirred a pool when she decided to reveal who she was terrified of growing up and he is none other than a leading singer in the west. The man we are talking about is Eminem. Yes, you heard that right, Billie was terrified of the mass popular rapper.

For the unversed, both Eminem and Billie Eilish are right now the two top most musicians in the west. Eminem with his veteran status has infinite fans across the globe who have rooting for him for decades. But turns out the man has manage to terrify Eilish for a good long years. The James Bond composer has revealed this in a past interview.

It was in 2019, Billie Eilish as per NME was asked to choose between rapper Eminem and Childish Gambino. She called the latter her favorite sating, “I have to say Childish Gambino, one billion percent.” She then revealed how she has been scared of the former all her life.

“I was scared of Eminem my whole life,” Billie Eilish continued. “Terrified. That dude freaked the f*ck out of me. Oh my god. But you know, Childish Gambino created me dude. I don’t even know, that’s crazy, that’s a god you can’t even put him in a list of other people.”

While the comments did blur out for the world, they certainly did not for Eminem who decided to reply in his deluxe version of album “Music To Be Murdered By” which was released back in January 2020. In a rap titled Alfred’s Theme he rapped about scarring Billie Eilish.

The lyrics read, “Homicidal visions when I’m spitting like this But really I’m just fulfilling my wish of killing rhymes which is really childish And silly, but I’m really like this, I’m giving nightmares to Billie Eilish.” Raps Eminem in “Alfred’s Theme“.

Well we would love to see the two sit across the table and talk this out. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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