Surprise: Beyonce drops 'America Has a Problem' remix with Kendrick Lamar
Surprise: Beyonce drops ‘America Has a Problem’ remix with Kendrick Lamar ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Facebook )

Singer Beyonce surprise dropped a remix of her ‘Renaissance’ hit ‘America Has a Problem’ featuring Kendrick Lamar on Friday night.

The new version of the song launches right into a tight verse from Lamar, in which he raps about everything from AI (“Even AI gotta practice clonin’ Kendrick”) to the Beyhive (“I’m an honorary Beyhive, let’s see why them diamonds don’t be flya), reports Variety.

Beyonce then picks up for the rest of the song, which clocks in at four minutes and 20 seconds. The remix’s cover art features an American flag made up of what appears to be red, white and blue bullets.

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