Better Call Saul's Recording-Breaking 53rd Emmys Snub Isn't Affecting Fans, One Says "It Has Entered Vaunted 'Too Good For Emmys' Pantheon...
Better Call Saul’s Recording-Breaking 53rd Emmys Snub Isn’t Affecting Fans, One Says “It Has Entered Vaunted ‘Too Good For Emmys’ Pantheon… (Photo Credit – IMDb)

“S’all Good, Man,” this is what Bob Odenkirk would say to his fans who are going crazy on the internet for Better Call Saul’s latest record. It’s not a record to be proud of up, but it also isn’t a record that should matter to anyone in 2024. Breaking Bad‘s classic prequel series has set a record of earning 53 nominations at the Emmys 2024 without winning a single award.

The show ended its six-season run, and there won’t be any more Saul Goodman from hereon. Yes, we are grieving over the show’s ending, but the award show snubbing isn’t something the fans would even care about. It’s 2024, and a majority of us are aware of how these shows work.

Here’s what the fans have to say about Better Call Saul’s one final snub at Emmys; one said, “BETTER CALL SAUL has officially entered the vaunted “too good for Emmys” pantheon, alongside THE WIRE, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY, THE LEFTOVERS, BOJACK HORSEMAN, and plenty more of the greatest TV series ever.”

Another added, “For me, Better Call Saul stands as the greatest television series ever crafted. Six flawless seasons, iconic characters, and every frame, genius. One of my all-time favorite TV shows.”

Making sense Max Pro, a fan, added, “A good example of why we should not put too much value into awards as a measure of success; Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn & Michael McKean gave amazing performances, the writing, direction & cinematography were outstanding, this show will stand the test of time as one of the best.”

This one isn’t really on-point because The Bear would remain to be cool as well, but a fan added, “People are going to watch Better Call Saul forever. People are going to stop watching The Bear the second it doesn’t buy you cool online points—just an obvious example. Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn deserve every single flower. This is why award shows are pointless.”

A few more said, “In a strange way, I think it describes the show as the whole. An award-worthy show but not great enough to win.” & “IMDb: Succession: 254K 8,9/10, Better Call Saul: 627K 9.0/10. No comment…” Though IMDb ratings don’t really prove anything, but you know how fans’ hearts work during these times.

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