Ben Affleck Quoted His Movie At Wedding With Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Recently Walked Down The Aisle Twice(Pic Credit: Instagram)

At this point, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that even the slightest movement by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will make headlines and we’ll it has. The couple deeply in love enjoying their second inning at the two-decade-old love story has been under the spotlight for the past two months every single day without fail. Their dream wedding or let’s say weddings were the talk of the town and still continue to be because Ralph Lauren is not tired of sharing pictures. One more update coming out is straight out of a rom-com and it’s JLo who is narrating it.

Ben and Jennifer popular labelled Bennifer reconciled last year after breaking up 2 decades ago. The couple after their respective splits, found solace in each other and one thing led to another leading to a dreamy wedding at last and now they live their happily ever after. But Ben made sure he made the D day look as fairytale as possible, because he did something most romantic for his lady love.



As per Jennifer Lopez’s news letter, Ben Affleck recited a line from his movie on the eve of their wedding and it was so beautiful that two decided to incorporate that line in their wedding later. This was put out on On The JLo newsletter and fans are in awe already. Read on to know everything.

As per Comicbook, the line in discussion here was from Ben Affleck‘s film Live By Night, which one of his most unnoticed movies. But it was him saying, “This is heaven. Right here. We’re in it now,” from the movie that bowled Jennifer Lopez and it became one of the most important dialogue in their dreamy wedding.

Meanwhile, their wedding made a thunderous buzz as the couple walked hand in hand to Ben Affleck’s Georgia property in Ralph Lauren custom outfits. The wedding was a three day affair and selected friends and family were in attendance.

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