Simu Liu Recalls A Crazy Incident When His Parents Reacted The Most Bizarre Way After Taking His Recreational Drugs
Simu Liu Reveals What Chaos Happened After His Parents Took His Recreational Drugs(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Simu Liu is one of the leading actors in Hollywood who has been in the industry for a long time but got a hold on the ground after featuring in the Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. However, he got another appreciative blow after he portrayed Ken in Barbie. Now, in a recent conversation, the actor recalled the time when his parents got their hands on his ‘recreational’ drugs accidentally and consumed them. The aftermath was bizarre. Scroll to read.

The incident happened when Simu left his parents, dad Zhenning and mom Zheng, at his California house as he went away. Even though he left them with money to get food delivery and other services, due to their immigrant background, they couldn’t come to terms with food delivery and decided to scout the place for food, and instead of any food item, they found his ‘recreational’ edibles. And voila!

Recently, when Simu Liu appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show, he told Jimmy Kimmel how the incident happened and recalled, “There was really nothing in this house except for very basic furniture, some clothes and some edibles and things that I consume recreationally, infrequently.” He further explained how his mom went “foraging around the house for things to eat” before finding the ‘snacks’ which were actually his recreational drugs in his walk-in closet. He said, “So, she finds what she thinks are gummy bears and trail mix with dried mushrooms.”

And before thinking anything, Simu’s mom took them to his dad, and they started “popping them like Skittles,” and the more they ate, the more they became hungrier. He even revealed that his mother thought she was gonna die. But as they couldn’t satisfy their hunger, they decided to go to a grocery store. Liu added, “They get into my car, immediately crash it. They crash it in my driveway into the shrubs. They’re so high at this point. They’re freaking out, they don’t know else to do.”

Luckily, nothing major happened to the Barbie actor’s parents. The Marvel superhero further recalled, “So, I get home many days later and the car is totaled, my shrubs are wrecked and my drugs are gone. And I looked at my parents and I’m like, ‘OK, first of all, I am never leaving you unsupervised in my house ever.”

Watch the full conversation here:

Well, what are your thoughts about Simu Liu’s parents’ druggie adventure? It’s scary but cute too!

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