Barack Obama’s Daughter Sasha Obama Raps To ‘City Girls’ On TikTok, Twitterati Is Impressed
Barack Obama’s Daughter Sasha Obama Raps To ‘City Girls’ On TikTok, Twitterati Is Impressed (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

With the US Presidential Elections making news, the ex-First family of the country is in the headlines for something too. Well, not the entire family but the former First Daughter of the state, Sasha Obama. The daughter of US ex-president, Barack Obama, is making headlines for rapping along to ‘City Girls’ on TikTok. And she is winning hearts.

A video of Sasha Obama rapping the track on TikTok was shared on Twitter. While this clip surprised many, a majority of Twitter users were entertained and impressed with her talent.

Talking about the video made by Sasha Obama’s friend on TikTok, it sees the former First Daughter rapping along to the song ‘City Girls’. A TikTok user shared the video on Twitter writing, “am I crazy or is this Sasha thee Obama”

This tweet received many replies including, “I enjoyed this very much lol,” “She look like she having fun. I’m happy for her,” and “Everybody block Barack and Michelle so Sasha can have fun.”

Some users even re-tweeted this video of Sasha.

Besides this video, fans even shared some more videos of Barak Obama’s youngest kid. One wrote, “Somebody recorded the rest before they got deleted.” A crying emoji followed this

One user also wrote, “I’ve watched it a lot and the girl has a lot of videos with her in them and they have like no views, idk how this has gone so under the radar for so long.”

Unfortunately, after many noticing the video on TikTok, the video shared on Twitter along with a whole lot more, were immediately deleted. Many were disheartened as they wanted to see more TikTok videos of Sasha Obama. One user wrote, “They found Sasha Obama on Tik Tok through her friend’s page. Those videos will be gone in 60 seconds if they aren’t already.” In the following tweet, he wrote, “They nuked the whole page”

Another wrote, “I thought I was tripping when I saw Sasha Obama in these but it’s definitely her, idk why they deleted them they weren’t that bad”

What do you think of Sasha’s video? Let us know in the comments.

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