Avengers In India: Iron Man Saving Mumbai's Sea Link To Captain America Fighting Aliens Outside Taj Mahal, We Demand Marvel India For A Spin-Off
Avengers In India: Iron Man Saving Mumbai’s Sea Link To Captain America Fighting Aliens Outside Taj Mahal ( Photo Credit – KoiMoi )

Marvel Comics has given us some very powerful superheroes and their epic team-ups, i.e., the Avengers. and we were lucky to watch their lives play out on the big screen. However, there are still some angles that Hollywood could not cover. Imagine this: There is a world-threatening alien force hell-bent on destroying anything. However, it did not land in New York or anywhere in America, but in India.

Through the power of AI, we have reimagined your favourite superheroes from the Avengers in the busy streets of India using their powers and saving people in need. Practically, this would be Robert Downey Jr aka Tony Stark’s second visit after Spider-Man: Homecoming. Let’s take a look at these super imaginative photos that bring Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor, to rescue the Indians in distress.

Iron Man

First up is the unspoken leader of the Avengers. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, which is played to perfection by Robert Downey Jr, is seen taking flight at the Bandra Worli Sea Link. The bridge is taking some serious damage and our superhero is rising out of the water to deliver some action.

Captain America

Captain America, known for his brute strength and a soul as pure as water, is the backbone of the Avengers. Steve Rogers is seen standing in front of Taj Mahal as havoc wreaks. At first look, one can tell that he has been in an intense battle with wounds on his face. Check out the Instagram post below:


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Thor is undoubtedly one of the strongest Avengers. The God of Thunder is seen intensely strutting on the Howrah Bridge with his muscles flexing as hard as they can. The bystanders can be seen walking the other way.

Doctor Strange

Strange joined the journey of the Avengers pretty late but has become an indispensable asset. Here, we can see the Master of the Mystic Arts saving the Gateway Of India from getting destroyed and showcasing his abilities.


The beast, Bruce Banner, is seen going all out wearing an outfit similar to what he wore in the comics while his time on Sakaar and away from the Avengers. There’s a crowd to see the big green giant at his best.

Let us know what you think about these mind-boggling AI pictures of the Avengers and stay tuned for more at KoiMoi!

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