Avatar VFX Claims James Cameron 'Exploited' Them Through Unpaid Work
Avatar VFX Artist Claims Working Under Harsh Conditions(Photo Credit –wikimedia/Poster From Avatar )

James Cameron’s Avatar has been touted as a film that has had the best VFX ever. Besides its remarkable screenplay, it was the 2009 movie’s stunning visuals that caught the attention of fans, who poured into the theatre to watch the film in large numbers. Due to that, the Zoe Saldana starrer remains the highest-grossing movie of all time.

Recently, the movie was remastered and re-released on the big screen months before the premiere of its much-awaited sequel. The new and improved visuals are a sight to behold, and despite coming out 13 years later, the movie has still managed to hold a grip at the box office.

Even James Cameron has urged fans to watch the remastered version in theatres. While Avatar’s VFX speaks for itself, the people behind it have a different story to share. VFX artist Nick Sinnott, who worked on the 2009 movie, took to Twitter to claim that the conditions under which he worked were harsh. Though the tweets are now deleted, and the account has been made private.

One of the tweets by the VFX Artist read, “A fun thing about working on the vfx for Avatar was being the only major department not unionised and having (James) Cameron exploit that fact with endless unpaid revisions then win a bunch of Oscars.” In another tweet, Nick explained that he is no longer under NDA as the company that he worked for no longer exists.

This is not the first time that the VFX artists working for any major films have complained about the working conditions. Fans will know how much flak Marvel has received because of their poor quality of visuals in the past few movies. Claims have suggested that the MCU‘s CGI department is a nightmare.

As claims about Avatar come in, one can only wonder if it’s the same with the upcoming sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water.

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